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Seminars for accountants, lawyers and personnel workers

We invite you to attend seminars conducted by the company "Garant-SC"!

We know how important it is for you - chief accountants, managers, lawyers, specialists in employment, tax, civil law - to improve their knowledge, but also understand that often you do not have time for it.

Seminars allow a large amount of knowledge in a short period of time. On them you can learn about updates to the law, understand the position of the authorities on various issues, to communicate with colleagues, get answers to their questions.

We carry several types of seminars:

  • Quarterly accounting seminars
  • Live Seminars
  • Internet seminars

Quarterly workshop on accounting

Seminars are held each quarter (4 seminars per year), are confined to the delivery of tax and accounting.

Each workshop consists of 2 parts held by different lecturers.
Full details of the claimed subject can be obtained by participating in both parts.
The duration of each part of the workshop - from 10-00 to 13-30. Registration from 9.30 am.

The seminars covered:

  • Changes in the legislation on taxes and duties related to general issues and individual taxes.
  • Features of reporting on the results of the tax period.
  • Arbitration practice. Recommendations for the taxpayer. Answers to questions from the audience.

Quarterly workshops will be of interest to the principal accountants, accountants, business organizations, auditors.


Authoritative experts of high class, professional experts with extensive experience conducting workshops, well-known accountants and tax specialists in St. Petersburg:

Karandashova Irina I. - PhD, deputy director of audit company "Audit - Consultant"

Alexey Kulikov - tax consultant "Chamber of Tax Consultants of the North-West," a teacher certified IBT Russia on taxes, managing partner of "Agents of tax attorneys."

Neverko Konstantin V. - Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor of St. Petersburg Fire Service, a certified teacher IPBR UMC, a consultant-expert on accounting and tax certificate CAP, co-author of several books and manuals on accounting and taxation.


Conference Hall in the city center, conveniently located and well equipped, at Foundry Avenue, 55, Center for Book and graphics; equidistant from metro stations "Mayakovsky", "Vladimir", "Dostoevsky".

To participate in the workshop must register by phone: (812) 326-22-83 (contact person Karasik Nisonovna Ala) or by e-mail. email

Cost of participation

  • For one person - 3000 rubles. (Including VAT).
  • For the second participant - 2500 rubles. (Including VAT)

Special conditions for our customers, "Garant - Insurance":

  • For clients of the company "Garant-SK" - 2000 rubles. (Including VAT)
  • All holders of "gold certificates" - FREE

Issuance of Certificates

The seminar, at the request of and subject to additional charges, will receive a certificate installed on the system UCPA sample, confirming the passage of accountants training. Certificates (confirmation) members of the workshop participants and non-SZTIPB those have a different shape. Participation in a seminar entitles you to receive a certificate for 10 hours. The cost of such a certificate - 700 rubles.

All-Russian online seminars

Announcement of the next online seminar participation fee

Garant Insurance Company is pleased to provide you with a unique All-Russian satellite service on-line seminars, which is part of the information and legal assurance.

Description of online seminars:
Our seminars are addressed to accountants, lawyers, managers, personnel officers, tax, labor and civil law.

Live Stream online seminar via satellite. The advantage of online seminars that, thanks to modern technology, the residents of 80 cities in the Russian Federation have the opportunity to not only see and hear the experts at the federal level, but also ask them questions and get satisfactory answers to them in real time.

Participants receive an online seminar:

  • The most authoritative experts competent comments on complex issues,
  • information about upcoming changes in legislation,
  • practical guidance and clarification on contentious issues,
  • specially prepared material on the subject.

Live seminars are held at:
Vasilevsky Island, 10-Line, 59, BC "Markus", a conference room.
Time of workshops: from 10.00 to 14.00

Learn more:

More information about online seminars, you can get by calling (812) 326-22-83 (contact person Karasik Nisonovna Ala) or by e-mail:

How to take part in an online seminar:

To participate in an online seminar to register. You can do this:

  • By filling out the feedback form.
  • By phone.: (812) 326-22-83 (contact Alla Nisonovna Karasik)
  • Also sign up for a seminar you can e-mail:


The lecturers at the All-Russian satellite on-line seminars are invited experts at the federal level, most of whom are representatives of state authorities, prominent lawyers, leading experts on taxation and accounting professionals UFNS Russia, teachers of the Finance Academy under the Government of the Russian Federation.

Online Seminars

Preview of Internet seminars

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to invite you to participate in the new project of "Garant" - online seminars.

This project is designed to be very busy or very remote clients that do not have the opportunity to take part in the All-Russian satellite on-line seminars.

Today, we are ready to give you the opportunity for free time at home or at work to listen to performances of the best lecturers - leading experts in their respective fields, which are part of the online seminars talk about innovations in the legislation and topical issues.

You can view the Internet Workshop (record BOC) an unlimited number of times (including, you can stop and then resume viewing from any thesis), but only within 30 days from the date of placement of the workshop in a special section of the site.

Each online seminar (IP) is supplied with abstracts, "razdatkoy" lecturer information in electronic form. And also - an interactive table of contents that will help you to refer to those moments of the seminar that you find most interesting.



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