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NormaCS : database of regulations and standards applicable in the Russian Federation

NormaCS program is designed to store, retrieve and display the text and details of regulations and standards applicable in the territory of the Russian Federation and regulating the activities of various industries.

NormaCS provides authentic texts of normative and technical documents that are stored in a database program. The completeness and relevance of the database, thoughtful interface and convenient mechanism for displaying information can solve any problem related to the search of the instrument. The high level of service provided by the user program, the benefits provided by the attribute and full text databases, the presence of graphic copies of the official publication of documents and breadth of coverage of various industries. Implemented connection with the office products and other calculation-aided design graphics programs.

NormaCS 2.0 provides the user with a wide range of tools and features:

Completeness of the information

  • Authoritative texts provided they obtain directly from the institutions - the development of standards.
  • A single information space regulations and standards, regardless of the number of installed bases, moving through the through hypertext links.
  • A visual display of signs the document states (in effect, does not work, the project).
  • Extensive connectivity of different databases.
  • Comprehensiveness of norms and standards used in various industries.
  • The total number of cards documents exceeds 85,000 and the number of texts exceeeds 67,000.
  • Storage and display of amendments and changes to the texts of documents.
  • Ability to analyze the document links with other regulations and standards.
  • Access to the norms and standards in the mode of on-line.
  • Simplify tracking of norms and standards (user programs do not need to make inquiries into information centers of various ministries and departments).
  • Ability to create and maintain custom folders with the support of the hierarchy.
  • Regular information services (the user selects the frequency of updating the information contained in the database).
  • Support the current state of the documents (canceled documents are not deleted from the database and can be used as reference material).

Extensive search for documents

  • High speed search attributes (name, type, index number, name the organization that has adopted the document, as well as by keyword, date entry, approval, etc.).
  • Search by name, taking into account the morphology of Russian language
  • Intelligent search by number
  • Search by multiple indices, and the creation of organizations and groups for reuse
  • Full-text search (including the fragments of the text).
  • Search on topics of interest to which the document is classified in accordance with the classification.
  • Ability to create queries.
  • Preparation of various samples on multiple conditions (including attachments).
  • Use of conventional and advanced search options.
  • Through search all connected databases, based on any, even the most fragmentary information about the document that allows you to find the required document within several seconds.
  • Ability to transfer to any classifier, which represents the found document.
  • Storage of previous searches.
  • Ability to display search results to print.
  • Annotated presentation of search results.

Integration with office and design applications

  • Citation of documents (fragments of text, figures, tables) in the Office applications.
  • Export to Microsoft Word documents with one click.
  • Export in Writer documents with one click.
  • Copying images of pages of graphics copy via the clipboard.
  • Opening of the normative documents through hyperlinks of the user of Word, Ehsel, Autocad drawings and any other applications.
  • Automatic placement of links to regulatory documents in MS Word.
  • Test the relevance of links.
  • Search the database of regulatory documents directly from office applications.
  • Work is underway to integrate with OpenOffice.
  • Create your own databases with documents of the enterprise / organization.
  • Work is underway to reconcile with the system documentation TDMS.

Features Interface

  • interface, customizable according to your needs.
  • Ability to customize the display of details (card) document.
  • A variety of service opportunities (sorting papers on various attributes of the sections, the results of your search customizable user environment, and various filters).
  • Display the document in the form of printed pages, or hypertext.
  • Rotate, zoom, smooth scrolling graphic display of the document.
  • The active table of contents and page thumbnails to jump quickly.
  • Find and highlight the found words in graphical mode.
  • Copy of image fragments in graphics and CAD systems.
  • Support for vector drawing and exported to the CAD system.
  • Setting the display format and type of columns containing a list of documents in the classifier, and the search results.
  • Operation in single-user and network modes (which in turn is divided into network mode Intranet-and Internet-options).
  • Save work settings when you exit the program.
  • The history of access and selected documents.
  • The history of printing.
  • Single interface for local, network and Internet-versions.

Features network mode

  • "Floating" license.
  • Priorities and access control of users.
  • History and audit.
  • Security of data on the server.
  • Minimum load on the administrator.
  • Stand-alone mode.
  • Client-server technology.



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