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Garant system : a database of the federal and regional laws applicable in the Russian Federation

Garant system - a data bank containing more than 5.03 million documents: the federal and regional laws, comment and clarification of the professional media, books, encyclopedias and updated, the model forms of documents, case law, international treaties and other regulatory information.

Each specialist, working with legal information - director, accountant, lawyer, personnel officer - it is easy to find in the system all the necessary information. Due to the implementation of the Garant system of different types of search (including the search in one line) work with the system easy and intuitive to use even for users who do not have experience with the legal systems of reference.

Information blocks of the Garant

Each user is different, so we offer a flexible form of information kits. The kit can include any of your chosen legal blocks. They form a single data bank with a through search engine.

Normative documents:

Legislation of Russia
Tax, accounting, entrepreneurship. Russia
Regional legislation
Customs laws
Banking legislation
Housing legislation
Land use. Subsoil. Conservation
The criminal and administrative law
GARANT Medicine
Legislation of Russia in English unique unit
Legislation on the construction of
Regulatory and technical reference for the construction of
International law
Draft laws

Clarifications, comments, charts, encyclopedias:

Interactive Encyclopedia of the state order NEW! Unique block
Interactive Encyclopedia of the economic situation is unique block
Current accounting unit’s unique
Electronic versions of Berator "came to see you checking" and "Encyclopedia of Practical Accountant" The unique power
Practical Encyclopedia of unique tax unit
The electronic version of Berator "Practical Encyclopedia of accountants" unique block
Lawyer Library: Comments on the Law
Library lawyer: Press materials
A large library of accounting
Library accountant: press materials
Interactive Encyclopedia: Legislation in the schemes of a unique block
Interactive Encyclopedia: Legislation in the schemes. Taxes, Accounting unique block
Library Accounting: Small Business
Library accountant: a common tax regime
Library consultation: Banks
Library consultation: staff
Library consultation: government organizations
Knowledge Base of Legal consulting services unique block


The practice of the higher judiciary
Tax Disputes: Arbitration Practice
Selected acts of courts of general jurisdiction
The practice of the federal district courts of arbitration
Arbitration practice: an application to consulting units for accountants
The practice of the district courts of appeal

Forms of documents:

The forms of legal documents.

Dictionaries and Reference:

Dictionary "Business and Law"
Dictionary "Finance, Taxes, Accounting"
Regulatory and technical reference for the construction of
Directory "InFarm: drugs and firms" unique block

Supply and update

All sets of the Garant system can be given as an installation, as well as a mobile version.

The most modern and convenient method of delivery of the Garant - Mobile Garant online - a special version of the Garant system, which is supplied to the carrier on a Fastest USB Flash Drive and can operate with a system of guarantees on any computer. You can use the system both at the workplace and in the trip, and at home. USB Flash Drive can be used by multiple employees.

In the presence of the Internet, mobile online Garant will notify you about changes in the document you are working with, and offer to open the current edition. In this case you do not have to perform any additional actions, on-line check is always performed automatically. Online testing will give you confidence that you are always working with current information and your address will not be based on outdated information.

You can also select an installation version of the system. It is convenient if you are constantly working on the same computer (local version of the installer).

To work with the system of guarantees of several specialists you can install the network version.

A two users version allows you to operate the system while only two employees. In this case the system itself can stand on the computers of all employees.

For simultaneous operation of the system for more than 2 people, you need to install a multi-user version. In this case, the system can be installed on the computers of all users, but restrictions on the simultaneous operation of the system a few employees there.

You can choose the most convenient way to update the system:

  • Specialist visits to your service;
  • Through the Internet.

You can also select your desired frequency of updating a set of Garant: Daily (via Internet), weekly, 1 or 2 times per month.

You can get the advice of our experts on choosing the optimal set of the Garant system and the version of its delivery to suit your needs.



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