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Personal income tax declaration

Our experienced professionals will help you file a tax return (PIT-3).

Get a tax deduction may be the following categories of taxpayers:

Categories Taxpayers Type of tax deduction The maximum amount of income tax refunds
The owner of housing (apartments, rooms, houses, shares in them) Property deduction from the purchase of housing 260 thousand rubles. (From 2008)
130 thousand rubles. (2003-2007 gg.)
78 thousand rubles. (2001-2002 gg.)
5000 minimum wage for 3 years (1991-2000).
Mortgage borrower (co-borrower) Property deduction on interest (On target for housing loan) 13% of the amount of interest (Excluding the loan)
A citizen who has paid their own learning and / or training children under 24 years Social deductions on training 15,600 rubles a year + 6500 rubles for a child
A citizen who has paid the proper treatment, the treatment of a spouse (wife), his parents and (or) their children to the age of 18, and purchase medicines and / or VHI Deduction for social care and voluntary health insurance (VHI) 15,600 rubles per year, expensive treatment - 13% of the cost
A citizen who makes pension contributions to pension contract (insurance) in its favor and (or) in favor of a spouse, parents, children with disabilities Social deductions for pension plans 15,600 rubles a year

List of required documents for tax deduction.

The cost of completing the declaration of a 3-PIT:

Completing a tax return for the 3-property income tax deduction 1190 rubles.
Completing a tax return of 3-PIT deduction for social 490 rubles.
Completing a tax return at the time an apartment for rent or sale car, an apartment (room) 690 rubles.
Completing a tax return on the sale of other property, securities, share of the Criminal Code, Ltd., Inc. 950 rubles.
Preparation of a complete package of documents for income tax refunds:
Declaration of a 3-Personal income tax, an application for the deduction and the property application for refund to the taxpayer’s expense
1390 rubles.
Filing a tax return by mail (registered letter with the list of contents) 300 rubles.
Personal filing declaration to the tax office (notary to be paid separately) 1600 rubles.
Check out the courier 300 rubles.

When filing returns for the years 2009 and 2010 package price is 1900 rubles.

When filing returns for 2008, 2009 and 2010 for the package price will be 2,700 rubles.

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