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1C : Business Automation software

The main goal of the software 1C:

  • Automation of small and medium business. Garant-SK handles the sales, installation, configuration, programming of the software "1C" and the users support.
  • Implementation of large-scale automation projects for medium and large businesses and organizations.
  • Automation with industrial mass consumer. The software product is designed for commercial, industrial, construction, automotive, tourism, catering and many other industries.
  • Education programs, use 1C, record keeping, working with industry software products.

Services provided:

  • Updates and subscription service products 1C
  • Training to work with 1C
  • Project implementation

The quality and professionalism:

  • Highly qualified specialists
  • Industry experience, understanding the customer’s business
  • Full service from design to implementation and support of the finished product
  • The release of the customer’s own resources
  • Quicker implementation of software products

We offer a comprehensive approach to solving your problems:

  • Full range of automation
  • Flexible project management
  • Focus on the result of project teams
  • Compliance with the deadline and the project budget



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