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The company Garant-SK

The company “Garant-SK”, one of the largest media companies, was founded in 1993 and is an official partner of the developer NPP “Garant-Service” in St. Petersburg.

Its principal activities are:

Over the last 19 years, the company provides its customers with a consistently high level of service based on individual approach to each client. Garant-SK provide each company exactly those products and services it needs. Quality of service is confirmed by the Certificate of Compliance service of the company developing the system.

Now we continue to move forward confidently: upgrade the product, expanding the range of products and services, taking into account the wishes of the users to improve the service.

Knowledge and experience of “Garant-SK” in conjunction with modern information technologies ensures our clients a full legal support.

Information and legal services "Garant"

Supplemental legal system ”Garant”, as well as seminars, consulting, free training, etc.

The system "1C"

Business Automation System
Allows you to automate accounting, human resources management, warehouse and many other aspects of the company.

The system "NormaCS"

Regulations and standards.
The most complete collection of technical regulations: Standards, building codes, SanPiN, Thera, GSNy and much more.


Quarterly and online seminars worldwide
Unique service - online seminars. In a short period of time, you will receive all necessary information in the work.



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